15 July, 2017

The End is Near

Again, my good intentions backfired.

I have one good friend who is flying to the Midwest to see us during our upcoming trip. One friend. Just one. 

I feel a little guilty about not being 100% thrilled that she's visiting during almost the entire duration of our stay with my parents, but - Just One Friend! So I've been focused on being THRILLED that she'll be there - she is an awesome friend.

We are less than 3 weeks before the trip, so I thought it would be kind to give her advance notice - since she *is* flying, after all - letting her know we may be delayed in picking her up from the airport, because of lunch with friends from church. I neglected to provide her with the script. In my head, it was like this:

Me: Hi! Just a heads up, but we might be delayed in picking you up, because of lunch after church. Don't forget to bring a book - at least our airport is ranked one of the best!
Her: Okay - thanks! No problem. See you when I see you!

Not knowing the script, she responded with, "Well, I don't want to wait at any airport, no matter how highly ranked."


To be fair, this is a person who expects the best, and always provides the best. Waiting is not her game. My mistake was assuming my previous assertion that we are keeping a very loose and flexible timeline carried any weight.

Also to be fair, I am a TINY BIT stressed, but I've not been sharing the stress on social media. So perhaps my emotional response to her rudeness is disproportionate.

So I am just going to stay off social media. No more heads-ups to anyone. My trip is my trip. Next time we're in the country, I might just not tell anyone!


  1. That's an incredibly obnoxious and selfish response. She always expects the best? She sounds like a brat. Let her know Uber is having some executive level turmoil right now so do her a favor and let her know Lyft is the best right now. UGH. Is it obvious I don't like entitled people? Hopefully once she arrives, things will fall into place and you'll be able to enjoy your time together.

    1. I thought it was selfish too! I had never considered her "entitled" before, because she expects the best, but gets it for herself. I know it will be fun after she arrives, I'm just insane right now.

  2. Um, that's soooo rude. If someone's kind enough to give me a ride, I don't question when they're going to get there. If she can't wait, she can pay for a bus/Uber/taxi, whatever. I'm annoyed for you! But glad you're getting to come back for a visit!

    1. I'm glad I shared this. I feel a bit vindicated! It crossed my mind that maybe I overreacted.


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